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Construction change the world

This year's government work report put forward new requirements to the construction industry development: actively promote green architecture and building materials, to develop the steel structure and prefabricated construction, improve the quality of construction engineering standards and.Therefore, under the country's strong support and policy incentives, new building industry into the core of modern construction industry, will help our country to realize from the "construction" of the great powers to the great span of "structural power".

Presentation - amplification pillar industry transformation

Construction industry is the pillar industry of national economy in our country.In 2015, the national construction industry output value of 18.0757 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.3% over the previous year, realize the added value of 4.6456 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.8% over the previous year, the added value accounted for 6.87% of national GDP.Construction industry to absorb migrant workers employment accounted for nearly a quarter of the migrant workers.Construction in the absence of national financial support, has become a veritable pillar industries and the prosperous industry.

However, due to the current policy system of construction, and lack of national finance support, enterprise tax burden is overweight, high financing costs, resulting in the insufficient investment in science and technology, vocational education lags behind, a low quality skilled workers, and other issues.These problems show that construction still not get rid of the shackles of traditional labor-intensive industry, its development has not yet been transferred to rely on real intensive management and technical progress of benign orbit.

According to the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18 large and 18, to forge a has a higher contribution to the national economy construction, the development trend of industry, leading the era of low carbon green industry, conscientiously fulfill the social responsibility of the people's livelihood industry, is the credibility of high quality industrial social cognition, it is necessary to accelerate transformation of the mode of development, comprehensively deepen reform, insist on innovation drive, promote and realize modernization construction industry.

For this, the National People's Congress, housing construction department of shaanxi province guan-jun Yang Suggestions, director of the state council shall be issued as soon as possible to speed up the transformation and upgrading of construction to speed up the development of ideas, refine the specific policies and measures to further strengthen the construction of its status as a pillar industry, at the same time should also be meetings of the state council regarding the construction speed up the development of arrangements for deployment.

Combined with the national "area" development, regional development strategy, guan-jun Yang suggested that countries for investment and financing, technology innovation, financial subsidies and tax breaks to support the development of construction enterprises "going out" preferential policies to guide the enterprises "borrow boat out to sea", "bulk", targeted, focused and organized to carry out foreign contracted projects, outgoing market.

-- -- also enterprise with vigor

At present, about the construction hot topic, "camp to add" list of "top" position, and fully implementing the pilot as well as the construction industry this year one of the focus of the work.

The personage inside course of study says, want to be able to really reduce the burden of the enterprise.Recently, the relevant person in charge of the state administration of taxation said, is to communicate with the ministry of finance, suggest a transition of new policy, in order to better ensure that industry tax reduction only does not increase.

Wang gang, 11 from henan province deputy to the National People's Congress joint Suggestions, through the implementation of structural tax cuts to help enterprises to survive better.Wang gang said that tax cuts to the enterprise, which is beneficial to improve enterprise's investment confidence and boost the all-round development of our country economy, can bring enterprise, country and people "win-win" situation.He suggested, should introduce concrete and effective tax cuts, clear tax scope and standard, deepen and refine "camp to add" this directly about the livelihood of the people's tax policies, support the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

Reserves - power construction industry modernization

Construction of excess production capacity, low production efficiency, high transaction costs, backward mode of production has a long history, the problems such as how to presentation, the amplification in the industry.Building industrialization, the inevitable development trend of housing industrialization, is the construction industry from extensive to intensive, from "building" to "manufacturing houses" the only way, is also a reality to promote the development of green building requirements.

In vigorously promoting new building industry into the core of construction industry in the process of modernization, in addition to the fiscal and taxation policy support, human resources and social security, housing, urban and rural construction and other departments should also further accelerate the speed of refinement to deepen of policies and measures to perfect the construction labor employment system reform, especially solve the construction worker skills training appraisal, salary payment, housing, their children to school, such as practical problems, remove the trouble back at home of rural migrant workers in building industry, advancing the construction workers professional.

In addition to the reserves of human resources, for the modern construction industry to provide the necessary technical specification reserves are equally important.

Deputy to the National People's Congress Xu Liqun said that with the improvement of building use requirements, the construction of the traditional manual operation method can meet engineering requirement, only the development of commercialization of shape steel and large-scale processing distribution to meet the needs of the reality.Housing in urban and rural areas in recent years, the ministry of construction jointly with the ministry of industry and information technology have issued the "notice further completes the application of high strength steel work file, and a series of specifications, construction and transformation and upgrading of the steel industry in the promotion, eliminate excess capacity played a huge role.Xu Liqun suggest housing urban and rural development and the relevant departments continue to publish relevant policy, technical standards for further transformation and upgrading in building support.

Minrui Group will try best to make a contribution to world construction file, mainly to the concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump truck, etc concrete machinery.

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